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My complaint is with Achieve Technologies and The Tax Club. I paid $US4,600 to join the Achieve Technologies coaching program. Achieve Technologies promised to help me set up a website and train me properly until I made my money back. It also said this in the contract (which has now mysteriously disappeared online) and they refused to give me a copy of the contract. Achieve Technologies failed dismally to keep their promise to give me adequate and quality training and never helped me make even 1 sale. They give a handful of short 30 minute sessions (13 in total) where barely anything of substance is covered and then they dump you and expect you to make sense of everything by reading their *** webinars and articles, which by the way one can find online for free elsewhere. The website platform they use is amateur and I would be surprised if anyone could succeed with them as they look so unprofessional. They don't care about the promises they make, so long as they can suck you in and get your money. The Tax Club conned me into joining and I parted with over $US2,500 plus paid exorbitant monthly fees for non service and non help. When I tried to get help they just ignored my emails and when I called them to help me set up an account in the US they refused and said they didn't do that. This was despite tricking me into joining by saying they could set up everything for me and create a US based LLC for me. They did the paperwork and set it up, but refused to do anything after that. They seem to think that if they do a little bit of what they promised it entitles them to keep your money. I want them to be named and shamed and I want them to refund my money in full plus the monthly fees I paid as i got nothing from the membership. The third company I have an issue with is Wealth Plaza- also based in Utah. I paid $US449 for their "coaching" and whenever I tried to set up a session they weren't able to. They must have known that by being difficult I would get frustrated and give up on them. I am guessing that was their intention. Once they get the money they then know that nothing is going to force them to do anything , so they don't have to budge. This makes me super angry and to add insult to injury they kept charging my credit card for hosting fees for cookie cutter websites that I was never trained to use, long after I advised them to stop doing so. After the 3rd or 4th time of sternly advising them to stop their thievery, they eventually stopped. I think they have a case to answer especially for the unauthorised credit card transactions. All in all I want to bring these 3 dodgy companies to justice. They are clever at absolving themselves of guilt, but they need to be exposed for the liars and frauds that they really are. They are exploiting the desire of people to succeed online by tricking them into parting with their money in return for not fully delivering on what they promised in the pre sales talk.
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UPDATE go and check the FTC website and do a search for the tax club and in one of the document on page 20,21 you will see information about Achieve Technologies, LLC that sold clients information to The Tax Club and other affiliated businesses like My Essential Plans for commission on possible sales. If you didn't make a complaint on the FTC website, you should...

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